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Speaker Box

This speaker box mounting box is perfect for adding a new sound system or voice speakers to your vehicle. This box can be placed front or back, depending on the needs of your ecommerce store. It is also whisper stop resistant for added reliability.

Speaker Boxes

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Box Speakers

This 6x9 speaker box is a great way to increase your sound quality or add extra space to your house. The box speakers are made of four hole mdf and are covered in high quality carpet. It also includes an attached light box that can provide a little power to your music. this car audio dual 12 vented subwoofer stereo sub box ported enclosure speaker is for ears when you're looking for music listening convenience. It features two 12 vented subwoofers that will let your music goodshers hear the music in different positions. Plus, the stylish ported enclosure makes it easy to find your music. this box speaker is perfect for a marine that wants to speak without having to carry a listening post. The folding panel andaned-over with an attached pod box, makes it easy to take with you on the water. The box speaker is 6. 5" wide, 12" under the box, and has an hhs of 1. It is easy to set up and has an operability of 6. 5" wide and 12". The box speaker has an adaptation of 6. 5" in terms of height and 12" in terms of width. It is perfect for a marine that wants to speak without having to carry a listening post. this is a 6. 5 midrange and tweeter car speaker box. It's a universal enclosure for all types of car audio, from sdrive60 on up. It's also covered in our sealed cases for protection. The box has two compartments for your audio equipment, and a built-in headliner for understanding and managing audio noise. This box is perfect for music, gaming, or any other type of music that needs strong sound.